Monday, 15 March 2010

Some of the joys of foundation

Artists for Christ Jonah illustration project. This is an illustration for Jonah 1.5 - 'And cried every man unto his own God.' feat. Michael Dryden in a dress :)
Sketchbook drawings - Beckys coat and view on the legendary 468 bus

A drawing I did a Cologne cathedral. You will never know quite how cold my hands were from this

Another fairground drawing.

Some typography I did for a sketchbook I started with fairground stuff in.

So I'm on my laptop and thought I could try and bulk out my blog (and avoid the everlooming deadlines) with some tings from the good old days of the foundation course :)

Friday, 5 March 2010

A continuation

I didn't take this but I had to put it up. They are SO HAPPY

One of the spreads from my end of foundation project.

More tracing paper/collage.

Another vis studs thing using pen on tracing paper and collage.

Messing around with my original music notes thing.

A monoprint I made using some stencils and some inspiration from Dead Prez (originally Bob Marley, yes I realise this)

This is some visual studies experimentation made from just 2 cut out crotchets that I scanned and multiplied and coloured using the wonders of photoshop.

Okay, so I haven't quite got the hang of the ole' updating but here is some more stuff from various times...