Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A hip hip hop and you don't stop

The project we have just completed was an information illustration project, and I chose the topic of hip hop. As well as being a fan of this genre, I think it often gets a bad press when actually it began as a reaction AGAINST the violent surroundings of the Bronx. I made a dummy book focusing on the 70s and the birth of hip hop culture. Here are a few photos of the artworks (given more time, I would definately format the text better!)

Childrens Book

As on the ball as I always am, I just took some photos of the children's book project from last term. For this project, I illustrated an Indian folk tale called 'Four Brothers' which is about four brothers (yep) learning to work together after their father's death. I really enjoyed this as it was a chance to use the rich colours and patterns from Indian culture to influence my artworks. Below are some slightly dodgy photos of the artworks and detail from them. They are A2 width which is why I haven't been able to scan them! I still haven't found exactly how I like to produce artworks, and storyboarding pages is still my favourite part of the process, but I enjoyed painting these all the same, and I think it gave me more patience.