Saturday, 18 December 2010

Blue Door Bicycles

So my Dad has finally jumped ship from the civil service and pursued his lifelong dream (no, not the cinema) (or the caravan site) of owning a bike shop. With his fantastic art direction skills I have done few illustrations for his website (currently in progress, but still viewable) including a dodgy wonky logo which unfortunately due to lack of time had to be taken on in its unfinished state - any of you artists/illustrators must know how much of a nightmare handing in something unfinished or not quite right is. But its happened so whatevs. Anyway here's a few things >>

The Original Boombox

In first year, number one on the procrastination list was 'make felt stuff'. We met such greats as Crabman, King Charles the octopus, the plan pony and of course the boombox of dreams.

An extremely delayed update

Many months later (in fact a third of the way through second year) and I still haven't cottoned on well to the art of blogging. I have a few images of my work in the term just gone by (still havent got any of my end of first year project scanned - my bad).

Below are 3 illustrations which I produced for the adult narrative project. I picked the text 'Oubliette' which is a short story about a being that is trapped inside something and is really confused about whether they are a rat or a man and they talk through various theories about where they are and why. It gave me an opportunity to try out different processes and also finally to work out what layering textures in photoshop actually is.

For one of the first projects of second year we were each given a word and told to produce 3 images where we explored different concepts and visual ideas based on the word. We were also given some themes which we could look at. I got the word 'face' and here are a couple of mine >